CSD Drafting is the steel, concrete, rebar and structural detailing arm of CSD Group Australia Pty Ltd (CSD Group). Its team of professionals use Tekla Structures 3D software and Trimble products to come up with above industry standard drawings.

Established in 2013, CSD Group has worked on projects in Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.  It offers a suite of services for construction projects, from pre-construction design works to on-site solutions. CSD Group has four units: CSD BIM, CSD Drafting, CSD Engineering and CSD Site.



Steel Detailing


Using the latest technology in Tekla Structures and following the advanced design practices seen currently in Europe, we provide the following services as standard inclusions in all our detailing and drafting packages: 

  • Fully detailed shop fabrication drawings

  • Fully detailed general arrangement drawings

  • Fully customised reporting

  • Computer numerical control (CNC) manufacturing data

  • 3D models in any format

  • Fully complete BIM modelling and integration

  • BIM collaboration with "live" model to site

Radar tower

Concrete and Rebar Detailing


Using Tekla Structures, the latest technology in the Trimble product range, we offer concrete and rebar detailing alongside advanced reporting and pour scheduling.

Our services include:

  • Fully detailed slab and pour plans

  • Fully customised reporting for rebar, pours and volumetrics

  • Pour scheduling and progress reporting

  • 3D models in any format

  • Fully complete building information modelling (BIM) modelling and integration

  • BIM collaboration with "live" model to site

Helix Bridge Rebar detailing

Tender Take Off/Procurement Models


The tender process is a pivotal procedure in all construction companies and is often prone to misinformation, inaccuracy, omissions and the loss of contract awards. CSD Group can do full modelling and take off capturing steelwork, bolts, connections, concrete, rebar and more. Model take offs provide accuracy to within 2% at tender stages and can capture the following:

  • Full steel work take off including connections

  • Full cold rolled take off including bridging

  • Bolts

  • Grating and floor plate

  • Concrete and rebar

Williams Town Stage 1 

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